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The Cape of Good Tours

My final year of school was extremely busy and very fulfilling. It was a great year for the school as well, as they started incorporating decent sports tours. Although, saying this, our tour to Cape Town wasn’t much of a sports tour, it was more of a tour of Cape Town that chose us to go because we played a particular sport. And there was one or two matches here and there…

Table Mountain from the V&A Waterfront

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British Countryside, how quaint

Forest Phonebox

I like to photograph. This is a collection of photographs from England, 2009, a family holiday.

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Cancer Cycle/Spinathon

An hour to go until the event, and we have 4 people signed up for a 4 hour Spinathon, an event that event a seasoned spinner would find difficult to do competitively, (or that’s how I felt anyway).

CAIR Cyclathon/Shavathon

By some miracle we managed to gather a team of pink ladies to go and cycle their bums off in support of cancer awareness. That we ended up in pink was just by chance, but we figured that we’d promote breast cancer awareness. There was surprisingly large turnout for the 10am event, on one of those scorchers of a beautiful day in Grahamstown. We were sweating before we had even begun cycling. Continue reading

London Wind-down

We used the last few days of our time in Europe in London, and we did our best to see as much of the city as we could in the limited time we had, and with our remaining money. We weren’t particularly keen on paying astronomical amounts of money to see things on the inside that we could see from the outside.

We went to M&M World in Leicester Square, a recommendation from the boys on tour, and it was most definitely worth it. Four levels of absolute colour and numerous things that made you want to spend money. They had everything you could imagine you’d need, and they’d M&M-ified it. It was absolutely wonderful, especially if you like M&Ms, like I do. I could not resist the urge to buy something, and I purchased myself a set of the most M&M-y pajamas.

M&M World

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