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Jay Bay for a Day

Although I am not a huge fan of staying in the remote isolation that is Grahamstown, staying in the Eastern Cape does have a few perks. It can be especially beautiful, and staying in G’Town means I’m not too far away from places that offer much in the way of aesthetics (well, until I go back to Gauteng, which happens to be this coming weekend).

One weekend, we casually decided to pop on over to Jeffrey’s Bay. It’s less than two hours away, so it is perfect for a day visit (or a night over, if you have the time). Unfortunately, we went on a day that was particularly dull, so we didn’t get to see J-Bay in its true glory.

Let's go to the beach, beach, let's go get - oh wait...

Let’s go to the beach, beach, let’s go get – oh wait…

Obviously, I was most excited to have new foods to try. I was in my element, and I nearly bought a brownie at every place we stopped. But that is why we have budgets. It was a charming and new culinary experience, and J-Bay certainly had a bit to offer.

Love Food Cafe had a perfect menu for my tastes, but unfortunately don't cater for gluten intolerant folk

Love Food Cafe had a perfect menu for my tastes, but unfortunately don’t cater for gluten intolerant folk

The motivation for going to this beach town, known to me for its surfing reputation, was the factory shopping. RVCA, billabong, and other cool outlet stores were calling (after all, summer was meant to arrive soon, which means bikini season!). I am almost as obsessed with bikinis as I am with brownies and food, so endless cheap bikinis was like a tiny slice of heaven. Bikinis tend to be more expensive than brownies, which is unfortunate, but not too much so when you’re in J-Bay! Though, you can’t have both at the same time with maximum effectiveness, if you know what I mean. Why can’t we have our cake and eat it? Because there are only so many hours in a day that one can spend exercising.

Factory shopping is the best kind, am I right?

Factory shopping is the best kind, am I right?

I love to shop, but I never buy anything. I think I have a fear of the commitment to the clothing, because I just love to look at it all, but I am scared to try new things. So I didn’t buy anything, but that doesn’t mean that the retail therapy didn’t work.

We were also fortunate enough to see a little bit of a surfing competition, but by this stage the weather was really rubbish, so we returned to our backwards little G’Town.

Junior Surfing competition

Junior Surfing competition


My Little Dears

Last year I lost the cutest marshmallow in the world. Harry, my ten-year-old cat was attacked by the neighbour’s dogs. I named him Harry because he was black, and Harry Potter has black hair…

Β Β Β 


In February our family was joined by two new dears. A boy and a girl domestic shorthair. Their mother was a ginger named Kylie.
Pippin and Ginger are always up to no good
Ginger is my brother’s cat. You can guess which one she is, I hope. She is the less friendly of the two, and she’s also a rather timid kitten.
Pippin is named after Peregrin Took from The Lord of the Rings. Mom wanted to name him Nougat, but to me that’s a girl kitten’s name. I considered Gandalf, but that was a bit too strong for him as a kitten…
That cat attitude is so clear on his face. I absolutely love his eyes!
He has a little ginger nose
He is always alert and curious to everything around him


Yeah, he know’s he’s cute. Check out the ginger socks and tail!
I almost called him UCG (Undercover Ginger)


“Love me! Or I will keep you up all night purring in your ear, like I’m going to do anyway…”

It’s not that …

It’s not that He doesn’t love us enough to protect us, it’s that He loves us so much that He’s given us choice. And we choose not to walk with Him sometimes.
It’s not that He’s letting the little people suffer, it’s that He’s allowing us to choose whether or not we want to walk with Him.
It’s Him loving us so much that He’s given us the choice of whether or not we’re going to love Him back.
It’s not God that causes people’s suffering, it’s people who cause their own suffering. And it’s because He loves us that He doesn’t force us to love Him back which wouldn’t be real love, it would be more like servitude, and He love us more than having to do that.