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London Wind-down

We used the last few days of our time in Europe in London, and we did our best to see as much of the city as we could in the limited time we had, and with our remaining money. We weren’t particularly keen on paying astronomical amounts of money to see things on the inside that we could see from the outside.

We went to M&M World in Leicester Square, a recommendation from the boys on tour, and it was most definitely worth it. Four levels of absolute colour and numerous things that made you want to spend money. They had everything you could imagine you’d need, and they’d M&M-ified it. It was absolutely wonderful, especially if you like M&Ms, like I do. I could not resist the urge to buy something, and I purchased myself a set of the most M&M-y pajamas.

M&M World

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In Bruges, In Belgium for Lunch

You know it’s a whistle-stop tour when the itinerary says “lunch stop in Belgium”… Although, Belgium is fairly small, so it doesn’t take that long to drive through it anyway. It was very much a recovery day after our night in Amsterdam, as well as it being a short stop on the home stretch of the tour.

In Bruges

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Eine Mas Bitte?

We were 2 hours late in reaching Germany because we decided to drive through the worst snow of the winter in Austria and so we got caught in traffic. (Snow that we did stop off in for a snow fight and snow angels).

Snow Angels

Austrian Alps

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Misty Venice

Our stay in Venice was far too short, although it may not have been as disappointing as it was if the weather had been good. Once our walking tour was over, all we wanted to do was get home and warm. There wasn’t much drawing us to explore in the mist.

Venetian Canals

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Pretty-as-a-postcard Switzerland

Every man is conscripted into the Swiss army training once they have finished school, and once training is complete, they are required to possess a gun in case they are ever called to fight for their country. Their countless tunnels have explosives either end of them, in case they are attacked; they are able to barricade the enemy inside. Welcome to the neutral country of our tour.

The “Ooh-aah tunnel”, as our guide referred to it as, produced just that result as we emerged onto a scene straight out of paintings and postcards: snow-capped peaks with adorable little villages nestled in the valleys below.

Switzerland from The Monk

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Non-stop Londoning

When planning this trip and activities to do on it (merely one day beforehand), I got overexcited as to how much time we would have on hand. It was a lot like online shopping, where, with the wide range of options, you tend to want everything.

London Eye

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