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Frozen Coconut Ice – only 4 ingredients!

Do you want to build a snowman?
Or make a batch of icy treats?
I think some sugar here is overdue,
I’m talking to,
The banters who hate sweets!
Frozen Coconut Ice
Once upon a time we convinced ourselves that coconut was good for us, and that it fits perfectly into the low-carb:high-fat eating regime (which it kinda does, by the way). I have taken this useful information, and placed it in a far more practical application – the beauty and simplicity that is coconut ice. All your good fats, in one beautiful place.
Elsa Coconut Ice
And if you think there is too much sugar in this recipe (which there is, by the way), you can just Let It Go… Let it go, smile as you watch your tummy grow! Just kidding. Any treat can be enjoyed in moderation. In this case, moderation means one nibble per month, followed by at least a 21.1km half marathon.
Blue Coconut Ice
Totally worth it…
Frozen Coconut Ice
  • 1 can of condensed milk (400g)
  • 500g icing sugar
  • 400g desiccated coconut
  • Food colouring of choice – in the case of Frozen, you may want to use blue
  1. Mix the condensed milk, coconut and icing sugar together until well-combined and consistent throughout
  2. Divide the mixture in half and colour the one half to the desired colour
  3. Press the white half of the mixture into a lined pan, such as a brownie pan, and compress down
  4. Repeat with the other half for the second layer, ensuring it is smooth and even
  5. Can be enjoyed straight away, cut into squares or other desired shape, and it lasts well (which is great because it can get very sweet)

Peanut butter granola bars #healthynothealthy

So I’ve decided I want to be healthy. But not really. I like the idea of being healthy, all the wonderful benefits you get from it, and those Insta-fit-foodies make their #healthy food look so damn delicious! It almost makes you want to live off fruits and veggies and protein brownies made from zucchini or chocolate mousse made from avocado. I type that and I cringe inside. Being healthy /sounds/ awful.

As a result, I am trying to weed out the delicious recipes from the ones who are trying too hard. I’ve been working on some granola bars, and they’ve turned out ok, but they’re not quite right yet. I experimented with other granola bar recipes, and, surprise surprise, it’s the unhealthy ones that work out the greatest! They are a dream to make, and they taste fabulous. I made them once, and by the end of the same weekend, I had to make a few extra batches for my brother to take to school and the household supply was finished. These things are like little bars of heaven.

They’re not all bad: they do have oats in them, which is a nice substitute for flour. But there is also flour. And a lot of (brown) sugar. But there’s dark chocolate, so that should counteract the sugar, I rate. And of course the star of these bars: peanut butter. Peanut butter just makes everything healthy. Even if it is the whole jar – in one sitting. Totally healthy, I swear! Trust me, I’m a biokineticist (with no scope for nutritional advice just by the way; make of that what you will).

Granola bars aren't exactly a pretty thing. But they are super delicious bars filled with goodness, and if they make you feel healthy, maybe you'll be motivated to do some exercise too! Even I had to move some weights to take this photo. #liftingbru

Granola bars aren’t exactly a pretty thing. But they are super delicious bars filled with goodness, and if they make you feel healthy, maybe you’ll be motivated to do some exercise too! Even I had to move some weights to take this photo. #liftingbru

I’ve adapted (South Africanised) this recipe from my favourite blogger. Her food is amazing.


Peanut butter granola bars


  • 1 2/3 Coats
  • 1 C Rice Krispies
  • 1/3 C flour
  • 1 C desiccated coconut
  • 1/2 tspn salt
  • 1/4 tspn cinnamon
  • 2/3 C brown sugar
  • 1 tspn vanilla
  • 1/2 C melted butter
  • 2/3 C crunchy peanut butter
  • 1/3 C honey
  • 1 cup chocolate chips or chopped up Bournville works beautifully too


  1. Mix all your ingredients together (don’t use a mixer, this will break up the Rice Krispies and you’ll lose all your texture)
  2. Press the ‘batter’ into a dish lined with baking parchment (or foil would work too). Make sure you press it all together quite well, or it can crumble a bit a lot when you cut it
  3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180  degrees for 30 minutes or until the edges start to go brown (cooked brown, not burnt!)
  4. Remove from oven and leave to cool. Maybe go for a run while you wait – see: healthy granola bars!