I absolutely love to travel. I have grown up in a rather globally spread family, and travel is something we value highly. My mother has always said that she would rather give me experiences than things, through sending me all over the world, and I am so grateful for it! Traveling is amazing.

I probably take my experiences a lot for granted. I’ve been traveling since I was only a few months old, when I was jetted off to England with my mom to visit granny.

Most of my traveling is done with my family, and it is largely a means to see those family members that we never get to see because they live half way around the world. It started in England, and we slowly infiltrated Europe by way of Germany and Austria, when my aunt spent a few winters there.

My aunt was also responsible for taking us East, when she moved to Hong Kong. This opened up much of Asia to us, and we spent our first Christmas and New Years on a wonderfully stereotypical island holiday in Thailand, on Phi Phi Island.

I flew unaccompanied for the first time when I was 7; it was a goal of mine, and I’ve done it plenty ever since. This year was the first time that I had gone overseas on a tourist-type holiday with friends and not staying with family. I look forward to doing more of that; if only airport taxes weren’t so expensive. I also look forward to writing about it and sharing the photographs of my world-wide experiences.

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