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My Little Dears

Last year I lost the cutest marshmallow in the world. Harry, my ten-year-old cat was attacked by the neighbour’s dogs. I named him Harry because he was black, and Harry Potter has black hair…



In February our family was joined by two new dears. A boy and a girl domestic shorthair. Their mother was a ginger named Kylie.
Pippin and Ginger are always up to no good
Ginger is my brother’s cat. You can guess which one she is, I hope. She is the less friendly of the two, and she’s also a rather timid kitten.
Pippin is named after Peregrin Took from The Lord of the Rings. Mom wanted to name him Nougat, but to me that’s a girl kitten’s name. I considered Gandalf, but that was a bit too strong for him as a kitten…
That cat attitude is so clear on his face. I absolutely love his eyes!
He has a little ginger nose
He is always alert and curious to everything around him


Yeah, he know’s he’s cute. Check out the ginger socks and tail!
I almost called him UCG (Undercover Ginger)


“Love me! Or I will keep you up all night purring in your ear, like I’m going to do anyway…”

Study time

Travels are over and now I have had to return to my studies, away from home as well, so it’s almost like I am travelling.

Student life in Grahamstown is really vibrant, and as small as this frontier town is, there is always something to do. For the next month or so, my posts will be focusing more on the Student Life in and around Grahamstown, the stereotypical exploits of 18-25-year-olds (or thereabouts), and the many ways that I get myself involved in the community.


I will post photographs of Grahamstown in the hope that you can experience some of its beauty captured, so you can see the views I experience every day as I walk to and from lectures, practicals, tutorials, and sports.

Occasionally I may post some news to the site, but we’ll see how it goes, I’m more likely to post links to the Rhodes University newspaper Activate’s (turning 65-years-old this year) website where most of my stories will be featured.

All this as I bide my time until 2 April. The East awaits me…

In Bruges, In Belgium for Lunch

You know it’s a whistle-stop tour when the itinerary says “lunch stop in Belgium”… Although, Belgium is fairly small, so it doesn’t take that long to drive through it anyway. It was very much a recovery day after our night in Amsterdam, as well as it being a short stop on the home stretch of the tour.

In Bruges

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When in Rome, Tour for Daaaays

Actual Romans from actual centuries ago actually walked these actual streets and watched actual people getting mauled by actual lions. These Romans were entertained by actual gladiators who were actually massive and skilled and apparently lived a vegetarian lifestyle.

The Coliseum

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It’s not that …

It’s not that He doesn’t love us enough to protect us, it’s that He loves us so much that He’s given us choice. And we choose not to walk with Him sometimes.
It’s not that He’s letting the little people suffer, it’s that He’s allowing us to choose whether or not we want to walk with Him.
It’s Him loving us so much that He’s given us the choice of whether or not we’re going to love Him back.
It’s not God that causes people’s suffering, it’s people who cause their own suffering. And it’s because He loves us that He doesn’t force us to love Him back which wouldn’t be real love, it would be more like servitude, and He love us more than having to do that.

I Write

When I write, it slows my thoughts down to a mild panic rather. My head is so loud and busy all the time, I hardly ever get to formulate an entire thought before I’ve moved on from it to something related to it. And these are just my thoughts… I struggle to speak or pray aloud because my head rushes ahead of my mouth and what I’m trying to say gets lost. Continue reading

Things Change…

Once upon a time, I lived in a fairytale…
Everything was great, and then the world comes up and bites you in the ass. It’s kinda like, the universe knows that you’re happy, and waits until you’re particularly vulnerable.
In the same way, the devil waits until you are strong and safe in the arms of God before he brings you down.
But anyways, life has changed, and we must learn to live with and cope with it, or everything will collapse. And gotta keep reminding yourself that the world around you doesn’t stop turning when your life is upturned. And cliche’s keep coming as well.
I am looking forward to challenging the future and making the most of what has happened to me and make the most of these great new opportunities that I have been afforded.
And this blog should hopefully become quite a bit more populated in due course as well.



Revive Our Hearts

Found a great new website! They have beautiful pictures and devotionals

Oh, such are the joys of University

Funny thing, workload…

Two weeks ago, I was completely swamped with work… The week ended, and I had a fantastic weekend: an all-day event on the Saturday, and a hockey match, Pilates and double Church on the Sunday. Little time to do anything, but I was fine: I didn’t have much work to do for the following week because the previous week had been so hectic! Little did I know… Continue reading