Chocolate Wasted Cake

Chocolate is my thing. I am a complete addict. So when I found this cake, I immediately decided that I wanted this to be made for my birthday. And it was, as chocolate always is, amazing! I’m pretty sure I was just Google Image searching for chocolate when I came across this recipe, but it most certainly delivered.

Look at all that chocolate-y goodness!

Granted, it was very rich, and VERY chocolate-y. It was also quite thick and stodgy. This was probably because the recipe is egg-free, so, yay if you’re into that kind of thing. Me? I like my eggies, so I probably would have preferred this cake if it had used them. I used crumbled Flakey instead of chocolate chips because I don’t have great access to delicious chocolate chips, so I decided I’d go the safer and guaranteed-delicious route of Flake. It was a good decision.

The cake was also a little bit on the large side, which put off some of my healthier guests: there is no such thing as a small slice with this baby!

It was fun to make, and with a few alterations, it would be my absolutely perfect kind of cake!

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