Nutella and Meringue Tart

I found a Nutella recipe page, which obviously means death for me and my skinny jeans. I literally eat that stuff by the jar, so recipes need to be done upon the first opening, otherwise there will be insufficient Nutella supplies for the recipe.

I was still hungry after lunch, and there was an unopened jar of Nutella in my cupboard. I'll just have 1 tsp I told myself...

So I decided to give the meringue thing a go, because I really LOVE meringue, and it’s a technical skill that I think we should all get the hang of. I take after my gran and I have quite a knack for it (you’ll see my pavlova sometime soon I’m sure of it!).

Those swirls are the most fun to make

Obviously it was delicious (overall, anyway). The “tart” part, however, was a bit dry and boring. This was basically a nutty cake with meringue on top, which is fine, but I did expect more from it. There was a nice nutty layer of Nutella in the middle of the cake, but it still needs something extra. I wait patiently for a moment of inspiration of what will go in there next time…

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