Macau Macao

Macau is a really great way to experience a  variety of different lifestyles, cultures, and nationalities, as well as giving you a clear indication of the history that remains from it’s colonization… Or at least that’s how I see it. Macau is so Asian, but then it’s also so Portuguese AND so international at the same time… And it’s technically not even part of China. You almost most certainly have to go there to understand how these cultures meet, and also how they all manage to complement each other at the same time. Macau is something else.

Grand Lisboa

We weren’t there for very long, but we had a fair share of Macau. I don’t gamble; I cannot play cards, and sitting and pressing a button until you run out of money is just not for me… But still the casinos are something to walk through… The buildings are a sight to behold, and it’s pretty cool seeing which ones you recognize from the Vegas strip. I’ve spent most of my time in the Venetian, and I felt rather pleased with myself when I watched a CSI: Las Vegas episode that took place in one of the casinos… Apart from the fact that someone died in there of course…

We caught a ferry from Hong Kong (Central) to Macau, but will be sure to use the Cotai Strip ferries next time we travel, Turbojet wasn’t quite up to scratch.

Our full day in Macau we made sure we did something cultural. It was a public holiday, the day that the people take to clean the graves. We went to A-Ma temple, after waiting 50 minutes for a bus. It was a sweet temple, and there were lots of people around.

A-Ma Temple

They had this dish of water; you put a donation inside, wet the palms of your hands, then rubbed the handles: if the water vibrated and hummed, you were getting rid of all your bad energies. My aunt didn’t manage to produce any vibrations, so I guess it’s safe to say she was good and positive company for a holiday.

Warning – lack of bad energies may cause people to stare at you in a suspicious manner

We were staying near Old Taipa Village, a very Portuguese part of Macau, so we went and had a look around the streets there. My, oh my, were there Portuguese tarts in abundance, and I really love those.

The most amazing treats… – Portuguese tarts

It was so clearly Porra, yet the Asian influence was so heavy; there was no doubt as to where you were. The cuisine was a mixture of espetada, and “suskling pig” (according to the Chinglish sign), prego rolls and deep fried tofu.

Spot the human…

We attempted dinner at the Galaxy hotel, with every intention being to have dinner on the poolside, but alas, they were closed for the evening.

The foyer of The Galaxy hotel and casino

We went instead to Fego Samba at the Venetian, which I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Their meat is incredible, as is the whole vibe.

Dinner was followed by drinks (wine) at Bellini Lounge, with so many different people, including some rather interesting Germans, one of whom claimed that his father hunts Cheetah in South Africa, and proudly announcing that he doesn’t mind that. My aunt and I sat in quiet disapproval of his vulnerable-species hunting. The lounge was fantastic; apparently it used to be the Playboy club, but when I went there it was lovely and classy, and it had fantastic live music, featuring one of the top 10 American Idols from one of the previous years. It was disappointing that more people weren’t appreciating their performance, but they were great nonetheless.

Bellini Lounge

After a late breakfast of Portuguese tarts, we made our way to Hard Rock Hotel and the City of Dreams complex. The “Dragon’s Treasure” show had received mixed responses; it’s a 4D show within a planetarium/IMAX-type dome and follows a rather unclear story-line… It was fabulously done.

The House Of Dancing Waters

The House of Dancing Water

HODW was by far the most incredible show I have ever seen in my life. Seeing the Cirque du Soleil is on my bucket-list, but I had never even heard of this show. It is unlike any show I’d ever imagined, it was so original! The entertainment factor was everywhere, and we had perfect seats, thanks to my aunt’s boss. Apart from the sheer brilliance and breath-taking nature that made the show, with high high high high-jumps into the water, and stunning choreography, the set was mind-blowing. The pool that they do their aquatic-aerobatic-insane performance above can hold about 3.7 million GALLONS of water. The things that come up from below those waters is just astounding, you’d never have imagined that they had whole ship-masts down there

When in Macau, this show is definitely worth seeing, a real must-see at least once in your lifetime, but the kind of show that will make you want to go back and watch it again, regardless of the rather steep price.

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