The Cape of Good Tours

My final year of school was extremely busy and very fulfilling. It was a great year for the school as well, as they started incorporating decent sports tours. Although, saying this, our tour to Cape Town wasn’t much of a sports tour, it was more of a tour of Cape Town that chose us to go because we played a particular sport. And there was one or two matches here and there…

Table Mountain from the V&A Waterfront

We were offered a  tour of the harbour from the boat in the foreground, discounted, because our group was so big.


When I was younger, I visited Boulder Beach with my family. I remember swimming in the sea there, but that didn’t last very long: I was splashing about next to one of the boulders that give the beach its name, and I saw a SHARK swimming right next to me! Of course I turned and bolted out of the water screaming for my mother, only to realise that it wasn’t even nearly a shadow: there was nothing in the water in fact. I had given myself a fright from my very own shadow…

Boulder Beach

Boulder Beach actually has quite a history for my family. My brother was very young as well when his incident occurred: we went for a walk along the fence enclosing the penguins and, as a little human the same height as the flightless birds, he stuck his finger through the mesh to touch one of the cutie pies. He got bitten. I don’t think he’s liked penguins very much since.

It’s quite sad how much has changed since I was frightened by my own shadow: I remember swimming with the penguins. Or they at least roamed around much more freely on the beach where we could sit and do beach things. Now the penguins have their own private beach for their protection. A black and white beach only.

How far is home...?

I never remember the difference between Cape Agulhas, Cape Point, and Cape Peninsula… This was at Cape Point. Either way, they told us that this was wear the two oceans meet (Atlantic and Indian). They say that you are supposed to be able to see this divide, but we saw nothing of course. If this is true, I think it only occurs when the currents do something strange like currents sometimes tend to do.

It was a beautiful view, but if you visit this place, make sure your hats are on tightly and that you’re wearing decent walking shoes (don’t cheat and use the tram!) . It gets very windy up there… As you can see from the man losing his hair in the corner.

Gordon's Bay


Langa Township RDP Housing



This was the location of one of our netball matches. This definitely shows the nicer side of the township after we had gone on a tour through the rest of the location that looked nothing like this. But, it does go to show how decent the RDP housing can get. I don’t think I’d mind being put into one of those…





What lies below Table Mountain, from the drive up Signal Hill


Stunning lighting across the Atlantic Ocean from Signal Hill


Girls Will Be Girls


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