British Countryside, how quaint

Forest Phonebox

I like to photograph. This is a collection of photographs from England, 2009, a family holiday.

Above the Forest Ground

We took a trip to one of the Centre Parcs forests for about a week. It was unfortunate that we were there over winter so we couldn’t do any of the outdoor activities really, but it was still beautiful and we got some good cycling in.

The Leafy Forest Floor

The English countryside is filled with hidden-away old manor houses, but you’d be surprised at how modern and practically they are finished inside.

Kingston Manor


Rudolph's brother

Kingston Manor is an old family house and the local farm-owners and farmers often have fishing competitions in the lake there.

Rose upon Kingston

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One thought on “British Countryside, how quaint

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    […] Cooking shows really make me miss home. This one in particular made me miss my Gran’s home in England. So many of the competitors on the show spoke of how they learnt to cook and bake under their […]

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