Working At A Bar

“What are your drinks specials?”

“There aren’t any tonight… But all the drinks are cheap all the time anyways.”

“No, never mind, it’s fine, we’re leaving…”

Uhm… Ok?

Bottles Awaiting

The evening of a shift starts off for me with arithmetic challenges… Stock-take! And when simple addition fails you after you aced your final school exams, you know it’s been to long, and you thank all goodness that you don’t have to sit staring at the two numbers hoping they’ll dissolve into the answer, and you have a calculator on your phone; oh the joys of technology!

Once upon a time, the bar where I work used to pump; it was one of the biggest jams on campus, or so I hear. Last year was alright, fairly average I suppose, but this year… Not enough people know about one of Grahamstown’s best kept secrets!

Tequila, It Makes Me Happy!

Working as a bartender can be stressful I suppose… But not the bad kind of stress. I find it to be exhilarating; when it does get busy, it can get really busy, and it has a habit of doing so in waves… People wave money in your face, friends call out your name in the hopes that you’ll serve them first, and people expect you to have any weird and wonderful drink they may ask for, and then they treat it like it’s your fault when you don’t.

I love it because it is simple yet engaging. It is definitely entertaining; the way some people can change without realising it is incredible… Also the way people think they can dance, especially when Party Rock comes on. Oh, the things I see…

Would you like some?

I suppose I might like bar tending because people are far more willing to talk to you than if you were a random at the bar. I have to put in less effort into meeting people! But that’s only a “might” of course, I’m not shy when it comes to meeting people… Or am I?

Whatever rude treatment I receive is made up for when I watch those same rude people making a fool of themselves. I don’t judge them, and I don’t resent them or look down upon them; I just serve them and hope one day they learn to be grateful for the services they receive, because I dig my job.

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