Cancer Cycle/Spinathon

An hour to go until the event, and we have 4 people signed up for a 4 hour Spinathon, an event that event a seasoned spinner would find difficult to do competitively, (or that’s how I felt anyway).

CAIR Cyclathon/Shavathon

By some miracle we managed to gather a team of pink ladies to go and cycle their bums off in support of cancer awareness. That we ended up in pink was just by chance, but we figured that we’d promote breast cancer awareness. There was surprisingly large turnout for the 10am event, on one of those scorchers of a beautiful day in Grahamstown. We were sweating before we had even begun cycling.

Lizzy, Yolande, Gugu, Tegan, Amu, Emz, Kamaria: the Pink Ladies of Margaret Smith

The teams ranged from res teams to departmental teams to society teams, like Activate newspaper. All the bikes faced the front of the room where people were having their hair spray painted and shaved. I was intimidated by the girls who shaved their hair: the one had hair just about to her bum! There was a touching moment where the one girl was shaving her (stunning) hair in tribute to her “Gramps” whom she had lost to cancer; it was very emotional.

Activate Subeditor having his head shaved

From an outsider’s perspective the event seemed like a success. My team had fun and they bonded, and the money that we raised went to cancer research. Altogether, Margaret Smith House cycled 122.5km

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