In Bruges, In Belgium for Lunch

You know it’s a whistle-stop tour when the itinerary says “lunch stop in Belgium”… Although, Belgium is fairly small, so it doesn’t take that long to drive through it anyway. It was very much a recovery day after our night in Amsterdam, as well as it being a short stop on the home stretch of the tour.

In Bruges

We were taken on a short walking tour of Bruges, which really is a small place and we saw the outside of the Basilica of the Holy Blood, but we were not tempted to have a look inside because we had to pay, and no one really felt like doing anything.

Basilica of the Holy Blood

The architecture around Bruges was very quaint and era-style: it truly wasn’t very modern, and the Quick restaurant where we had lunch just didn’t seem to quite fit in.

Bruges Canals

We stopped at a chocolate factory: the novelty in this, apart from the fact that I am mad about chocolate, was that it truly was Belgian chocolate… From Belgium. Kirsten did the last of her chocolate purchasing here, resulting in her having purchased roughly 5kg of chocolate over the whole trip.

The ferry-ride back from Dunkirk to Dover was used as nap-time, as was the bus-ride to London. The tour was definitely winding down.

When we reached our final destination in London, we had completed 4 800km in the bus, and we had all grown very fond of each other, probably due to living out of each others’ pockets: but what else can you expect when you spend most of your time on a bus and the best pillows available are the shoulders of those people sitting next to you?

Phil: "Don't make us go!"

It was sad to go our separate ways, with there being a very slim chance of most of us ever seeing anyone from the trip ever again; it’s not often that you visit all four corners of the earth.

It had been an awesome tour, but our part of the European adventure was not quite over yet. Kirsten, Daniel and I still had a few more days in London itself before having to return to reality.

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