Eine Mas Bitte?

We were 2 hours late in reaching Germany because we decided to drive through the worst snow of the winter in Austria and so we got caught in traffic. (Snow that we did stop off in for a snow fight and snow angels).

Snow Angels

Austrian Alps

We went straight out for dinner to St Augustine’s beer hall where we were served pork and dumpling by women in traditional German clothes. The food was average, but I had my own pint of German beer, and while I hate beer, this wasn’t bad (and I felt cool to be drinking German beer). We visited another beer hall in our free evening, Hoffbrauhaus, and I attempted another beer, but it turned out that 1 was enough and this one wasn’t as nice. We had McDonald’s on our way home, and again they proved trustworthy and consistent in their quality.

So Much Beer

We took a bus ride to St. Goar and Lorelei’s rock, but seeing as though it was a Sunday, nothing but the cuckoo clock shop was really open. We did try the best peach brandy ever at one of the souvenir shops. Just as it was getting dark, our tour group boarded a boat and took a cruise down the Rhine Valley to Boppard, but as it was dark, we didn’t see all that much.The legend about Lorelei was interesting though, (a woman who threw herself off the rock and her ghostly calls have drawn sailors to the rock and their deaths, something akin to the Siren calls) and the castles were surreal: they used to be used as some kind of tolling station: my how times have changed…

Rhine Valley

While we didn’t spend enough time in Germany to experience the culture or full “German-ness” of the place, we did get to appreciate the city and the country-side of it, which was beautiful, and it was fun interacting with the good-natured Germans in the beer halls.

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