Misty Venice

Our stay in Venice was far too short, although it may not have been as disappointing as it was if the weather had been good. Once our walking tour was over, all we wanted to do was get home and warm. There wasn’t much drawing us to explore in the mist.

Venetian Canals

Venice was stunning and lived up to every cliché. I didn’t realise how extensive the canals and islands were: I had no idea there were that many! Our tour felt more like a guided exploration, but that was okay because it feels like that’s how it’s supposed to be done in Venice: that’s part of the essence of the city.

Venetian Gondolas

The best thing about Venice was the food. We stopped at an amazing little pizzeria (or something to that effect) that was run by 3 very cute young men, and where we paid €5 for the biggest slice of pizza ever, a can of coke, and 2 scoops of ice cream. The pizza was truly superb, the best pizza I’ve had in my whole life: thin base, and extremely cheesy. Then some genuine gelato: I got extra attention from the guys working at the café (“ooh, look at this one, she is beautiful”), and the one guy started giving me samples of all the different flavours. It was flattering, but eventually I decided on chocolate and vanilla with Nutella as my final two scoops. I ended up getting extra large scoops of ice cream, with the first one being about as big as most of the rest the groups’ whole ice cream. He even gave me an extra scoop of a vanilla with bits of orange and dark chocolate. Definitely the best dinner of the entire trip.

Best Gelato Ever

Our tour guide, Rozi Boutler got us purposefully lost on our way back to the bus, and when we got home, we South Africans got together in one of the rooms, (my room; Kirsten and I had 3 double beds to ourselves!) and played card games and scrabble with some Jagermeister the cost a third of what you would pay in South Africa.

It would have been nice to have explored a little more around Venice, but we got to experience it’s uniqueness and we had amazing Italian dinner, so it wasn’t too disappointing.

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3 thoughts on “Misty Venice

  1. DJ.Berquist February 27, 2012 at 1:47 pm Reply

    Are you touring with Contiki, Top deck, Trafalgar tours or are you just touring in general I’ll be doing a tour in the next month and I’ll be stopping by Venice too. What’s the shopping like?

    • kendy13 February 28, 2012 at 4:40 pm Reply

      Touring with Expat Explore. They were really great, and worked out more reasonable for our touring requirements. We didn’t spend much time shopping in Venice from a fashion point of view, but the masks at the little stalls were really lovely. We did walk through a few alleys that had plenty of great shops, the likes of Prada and such, but we were there at the wrong time and only passed by them on our walking tour. We would have been able to check them out if we had chosen to do so or if that had been the attraction. Hope this helps

      • DJ.Berquist February 29, 2012 at 2:52 am

        Thank you!! It did, thanks again.

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