Weakened by Florence

A long drive out of Switzerland and we reached our finest weather yet in Italy. We also found the most friendly people at the service stations, albeit with expensive food. But man was that pizza tomato paste good!

We stopped off at the leaning Tower of Pisa, surrounded by other stunning architecture. There was a contest among our tour group for the member of the group who could come up with the most original pose with the tower. While we didn’t win, it was fun to try to come up with something that would work that wasn’t the clichéd holding the tower up. We had our first try of proper Italian gelato and we went on our way to our hostel accommodation.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Keeping the Tower Up... And Kicking It Down

I must say upfront that Italian food was the one I was most excited to experience. Therefore it stands that I was much looking forward to our first dinner; a bread starter with tomato (or something to that effect) and pasta, yay! Carbs love me and my heart is set on pasta for life! ❤ We were served a tomato and olive pasta sauce with screw noodle pasta, and apart from the olives (yes, I am a fussy britches), it was amazing! And of course nom nom Italian chocolate gelato for dessert.

The rest of the evening was spent bonding with our fellow tour group in disco form. It was great to see that side of the people and everyone had a lot of fun and drank far too much. Unfortunately it had negative consequences for the walking tour the next morning as many of the group were too hung over to appreciate Florence. Saying this, however, it was definitely the least exciting walking tour of the trip. To quote one of the tour members: “you may as well be speaking Italian, we don’t understand you anyway”. She had a very strong accent…

Florence Bridges

Florence was not a pleasant experience for my closer group on the tour, as we went for lunch and those that hadn’t got overly drunk the previous night ended up getting food poisoning at one of the cafés anyway. Florence was truly beautiful, but it was probably one of the more “boring” destinations of the tour, especially because we didn’t spend much time there, so we didn’t get to appreciate it to the full extent that it should have been.

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