Oh, such are the joys of University

Funny thing, workload…

Two weeks ago, I was completely swamped with work… The week ended, and I had a fantastic weekend: an all-day event on the Saturday, and a hockey match, Pilates and double Church on the Sunday. Little time to do anything, but I was fine: I didn’t have much work to do for the following week because the previous week had been so hectic! Little did I know…

I had 2 assignments for the week, of a fairly small size though, so I was not stressing. Tuesday came around, and BAM! I go to my Activate Newspaper meetings, and all of a sudden I have THREE articles that I need to write for that very same Thursday… There went my time management! Luckily I had already started the one, and I had decided not to leave the assignments to the last minute, which meant that those were already underway.

It also strikes me how much of a difference to stress levels one additional subject can make to your life… I picked up isiXhosa for Journalism. Great decision. It does mean I have to wake up at 6:30am on a Monday morning now, but it’s great to learn a new language. Even though I will probably never actually speak it for real in my life… At least I’ll be able to identify it in passing, haha. But I digress. This extra subject requires no additional input from me; all I need to do is to show up at the lectures and listen. No homework, no assignments, no tests, it’s amazing! It does however, change my Wednesday into non-stop rushing between lectures. I have yet to be genuinely on time for this subject… It also reduces my completely free Thursday morning into 2hours of free time.

But apart from this, University life is great. It is incredibly relaxed, and Rhodes has an amazing environment for learning, and for socializing (within the University context, not jolling out on G-Town). The small size of the University means everyone knows each other, which is something I really love!

I’m glad I decided to come here, and I don’t want to leave until I have at least finished my BA. And next year is going to be incredible!

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