The Blogosphere

In a moment of boredom, inspiration and the desire to procrastinate, I remembered that I wanted to start my own blog. So while I was meant to be doing the homework that is truly piling up around me, I Googled “how to start a blog” and here I am!

It seems as though this blog will be beneficial and contribute to my University career… As a media platform I will make the most of it, I do my best with Twitter, and I was fairly hooked on Facebook at one stage… I’m under the impression that I need a blog for Journalism, and that eventually they will be considering it when looking at my application for Journ 2. I am worried about whether or not I’ll be accepted into the course, however, so few people are going applying to Journ 2, and with my blog, I’ll improve my writing, through general practice. I will also become even more experienced with New Media, and I’ll be comfortable with Blogging and online stuff.

It does appear to be potentially problematic from a procrastination point of view… Even it’s initiation was wrong… But at least it’s productive.

I’m going to be using this blog as a sort of Journal. I will post stories of events and my take on them. I will also be sharing my growth as a person and in Christ. Hopefully I will develop into an outgoing, open and evangelistic person, then I will be blogging about my journey taking Christ to the University. I will of course also be posting random quirks and thoughts on my beliefs…

This post will serve as a welcome to anyone who reads my blog, as well as a reminder of why I started it in the first place, and a way for me to remember what I had intended to write on.

Now to actually do work…  No more procrastination!!!!!

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