January 2015 – I started a YouTube channel!

November 2014 – I am still a food addict! I have just completed my Bachelor of Health Science degree with Honours in Biokinetics. Next year I embark on my internship journey to become a fully certified Biokineticist, with the ability to practice out in the big bad world. Real life, here I come! I have loved being back at home this year – I took the opportunity of having my own comfortable kitchen well in my stride and I have taken full advantage of all of our facilities. Any jobs that I had this year were there to provide me with some funds to cover travel expenses (see my Africa trip) and, of course, some much “needed” baking supplies. I am being more adventurous with my cooking, and grabbing every opportunity to learn about the beautiful, delicious and fulfilling art form. I am challenging myself technically (as we speak, I am snacking on my sixth batch of delightful yet imperfect macarons) both in my culinary journey and with technology. Next year, I see myself growing a lot as a photographer in order to do my bakes and meals the justice they will be due once I have started to get very good (practise practise practise!) – keeping up the optimism!


July 2013 – I am a food-addict: I love chocolate and pasta and coffee and cake and pastry. I am learning a great deal about the art of cooking but I hope you enjoy learning with me, and hopefully I can even learn from you along the way! I love to travel, and I love to share these travel experiences. I am a student of the world, slowly picking up some photography and new media skills. I want to do everything and to go everywhere. I want to know everything. I am in my final year of my first degree, with potential postgraduate studies next year, but hopefully many more adventures with delicious experiments and experiences along the way until then.


October 2011 – I am a Christian student at Rhodes University, Grahamstown. Living in the Oxford of the Veld with the second highest alcohol consumption per capita in the world… I am a Journalism student with a further passion for Human Kinetics and Ergonomics. I have yet to decide what I want to do with my life, but I’m fairly certain that God with be with me through it all!

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  1. Neeks October 22, 2011 at 2:07 pm Reply

    How right you are, I’m glad you have that knowledge while still young. It speaks volumes of your maturity and faith that you mention it here.

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